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Cindy Tjoflat

Partner / Creative Marketing

Hails From: Statesboro, GA

Education: Georgia Southern University - Bachelor of Fine Arts, Minor in Psychology

Cindy began her career working in the music industry in the early 90’s, post college graduation. She moved on to graphic design, working for several independent music publications, an inventor, and eventually settled into photo art direction for commercial photography studios in 1999. After working in the industry and moving across studios for close to a decade, Cindy worked her last corporate gig as a studio Creative Director of Photography in 2008. During her tenure, she managed multiple photo teams/projects simultaneously, worked hand in hand with in house scenic departments to design and construct sets, worked with producers and logistics for location projects, managed project budgets, and headed creative planning for large corporate accounts.

In 2008, Cindy left the corporate creative industry and joined Tom in building what is today’s Concord Creative.

Favorite Concord Project (so far): Cindy’s favorite projects to work on at Concord involve the concept phase for sets and scenery, where Concord has creative input. For that reason, Syd Norman’s Pub House, for Norwegian Cruise Lines in 2022, would be her favorite project to date.

Cindy Tjoflat
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