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Kyle Ankiel

Senior Project Manager

Hails From: Virginia 

Education: Longwood University - B.F.A. in Design & Technology for Theatre  

Prior to joining Concord Creative, Kyle worked as a scenic carpenter and electrician with  numerous theaters and scenic companies across the southeast and midwest. In addition, he  served as the Assistant Technical Director with the Gainesville Theatre Alliance. Starting as a  draftsman at Concord Creative, and transitioning into Project Management, Kyle has his fingers  in all aspects of production. With his extensive knowledge of fabrication and wide berth of  technical skills, along with his limitless energy, Kyle brings his best with each and every project. 

Favorite Concord Project (so far): Kyle's favorite project to date is the production of 42nd  Street for the Ordway Performing Arts Center in St Paul MN. This unique revival of a classic  show allowed him to fully utilize his skills while working with a Broadway caliber design team,  from inception all the way through the final installation. 

Kyle Ankiel
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