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Tony Martin

Project Coordinator

Hails From: UK  

Prior to moving to the United States in 1996, Tony Martin worked in freight forwarding/logistics in  the UK, including eight years for UPSCO (the airline division of United Parcel Service).  Afterward, he was an Operations Controller for cargo airline Channel Express. 

Once arriving in Atlanta, Georgia, Tony worked as a carpenter, remodeling houses for fifteen  years. This period included a lengthy tenure with interior designer Tim Hobby, making over  numerous high-profile homes, including those of professional athletes and other celebrities in  the Atlanta area. In 2018, Tony joined the Concord Creative team, both on the shop floor was  well as overseeing installations on the road.  

Favorite Concord Project (so far): The BET Hip Hop Awards, for which Tony has done several  installations, is his favorite Concord Creative project due to its theatricality and always-changing  parameters. 

Tony Martin
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